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Interview with Franz Mohr: former chief concert technician at Steinway & Sons in New York. Mohr provided tuning, regulation, and backstage support for famous concert pianists such as Van Cliburn, Horowitz, Rubinstein, Gould, Serkin and Gilels. Interesting video about a traveling piano tuner / technician in Australia (Video is on Based on his love for the instrument, Martin Tucker travels many miles on remote trails to tune, fix and restore pianos. The History and Development of the Modern Piano ( Piano history is, in itself, a history of culture starting in 1655. How a piano is made ( A lot of textual information that is interesting to those who want to read more about the process of making a piano. Two video animations on How A Grand Piano Works o How a Grand Piano Works - Part 1 keys and action o How a Grand Piano Works - Part 2 pedals The Piano ( About the piano The Classical Piano ( The Classical Piano Encyclopedia Britannica - Piano Musical Instrument ( The Piano, also called pianoforte. History of the Piano ( Article on piano history 10 Interesting Facts About The Piano ( (UK link may load slower, but worth the wait) Making a Handcrafted Guitar It’s not all about pianos. Here is a YouTube video of a custom guitar making process. The video is an hour in length but woodworkers and guitarists will love it.
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