GR Horst Piano Tuner / Technician
About GR Horst
"I enjoy making an out-of-tune piano sound great again . . . I love my work! " stated GR Horst who discovered his knack for tuning when he was 12 years old. After completing of a course of study and hands-on training, his love of pianos became a craft he has enjoyed since 1982.
Basic piano design has not changed drastically over the years. However, materials, tools, methods, glues and lubricants continue to progress. GR attends technology sharing and training, such as is provided by the Piano Technicians Guild to keep current with his knowledge and skills. "This takes a focused effort." according to GR who states "Keeping pace with this trade benefits customers who expect skilled and professional service from their technician."
Always Learning
In addition to piano tuning and technology, GR has played guitar since the 8th grade and performed solo and with a variety of groups over the years. In addition to performing, GR has been a songwriter. A sampling of original compositions can be heard at this link.

GR Horst has earned 4 consecutive "Top Pro" awards

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customers who have booked their tuning service

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providing a high level of customer service.

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