GR Horst Piano Tuner / Technician
An article resulting from the Didge Project (see link below), describes the therapeutic impact of music in providing medical benefits such as: Music Helps Control Blood Pressure and Heart-Related Disorders Listening and Playing Music Helps Treat Stress and Depression Music Therapy Helps Treat Alzheimer’s Disease Studying Music Boosts Academic Achievement in High Schoolers Playing Guitar (and Other Instruments) Aids in Treating PTSD Studying Music Boosts Brain Development in Young Children Music Education Helps Children Improve Reading Skills Listening To Music Helps Improve Sleep Playing Didgeridoo Helps Treat Sleep Apnea Click to follow link to: Music Benefits Research
Article References include: Cardiovascular Society of Great Britain Psychology Today McGill University in Canada The Namm Foundation Alzheimer’s Foundation of America UCLA The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs University of Liverpool SAGE Publications/Psychology of Music The Center for Cardiovascular Disease in China British Medical Journal (See the article at the link above for further references)
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